Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Right now I am listening to my pressure canner hissing away in the kitchen. I am canning 7 pints of BBQ pork. It tastes so good.

I bought two large packages of boneless pork. I marinaded it in a "not the norm" BBQ sauce as I hate hate hate the kind that has liquid smoke in it.

The next day I put the whole load into my large crock pot and slow cooked it for 10 hours.

Then into the fridge for 24 hours.

This is why.....

I didn't want this much fat in my jars of BBQ Pork. So I skimmed.

Now I have a bowl of fat that I will render and freeze. Who knows what I will use it for. BBQ Scented candles maybe?


~ H said...

I always freeze fat. I never know what to do with it though. I just freeze it because my mom and grandma did. My mom didn't know what to do with it either, she just said it was easier to throw out that way, since she wouldn't want to pour it down the drain. So as per family tradition, I freeze fat and then toss the fat. Is that wrong????


H I am not sure where you are or how cold it gets. If you have winter, fat can be given to your chickens in the winter. It raises their body temp. I am going to clean it up as best as I can. I want to play around and see if it will burn. Like an oil lamp.

Well now you don't have to throw the fat. You have chickies who will take care if it for you!