Saturday, October 2, 2010


October 2, 2010. I just bred Jane Doe and Buckley. Both are young and had no clue what to do but they figured it out finally.

Gestation is 31 days "ish" (11/1/10)

Tomorrow I will breed (Jean Doe). I don't like that name. I need more ideas of what to name my second doe.

Supposed feeding recommended for meat rabbits:

Does,Bred 1-15 days 9 oz (no change in feed)

Does,Bred 16-30 days 10-11 oz. (10/17 I will increase feed)

Doe,+ litter Unlimited feed for the doe and kits during nursing.

Week 4: Re-breed doe (11/29/10)

Week 5 Move the kits to their own cage (12/6/10)

Next birth date 12/27/10 ish)

Harvest date of first litters: 1/1/2011--This will be an interesting way to spend New Years Day

Info storage:
weight: I will weigh bunnies at 4 wks and 8 wks (harvest)
Breeding dates for Jane:

Ok I am not going to count my chickens (bunnies) before they hatch...but out of one doe I have the chance for 5 and maybe 6 litters of bunnies all of which will be meat.

A litter can be from 1 - 10 bunnies (I will say 5 average). If they all live that is 30 bunnies in the freezer per year. If I harvest at 4-5# they should dress at 3# so that will be 90# of meat in the freezer or canned per doe. 180# for my 2 does.

180lb = 2880oz: 2880 oz = 720 meals (if you eat what you should)

1. Rabbit has 795 calories per pound. Chicken 810, Veal 840, Turkey 1190, Lamb 1420, Beef 1440, Pork 2050. ( U S D A circular # 549 )
2. A doe rabbit that weighs 10 pounds can produce 320 pounds of meat in a year

Some other bunny lore is very funny;

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Sissy said...

Will you share how they will be "deceased". I have no idea. I'd like to raise rabbits if I can learn how to.

Will you use the pelts also in some manner?.