Saturday, October 23, 2010


The day outside is drippy...I don't know how else to describe it. Not enough rain to do any good but too much to do much outside.

I am working from home today but took an early lunch to get stuff done. Here are the projects I have started:


I only found one website that finally gave details of why people don't can whipped eggs. The end product is not satisfactory...rubbery! Rubbery is ok with me. I feel that if the eggs can successfully you can slide them out of the jar and slice them for sandwhiches ir chop them for salads. Lots of fear is spread through the web pages when you "google" pressure canned eggs. They like to steer you toward pickled or freeze dried eggs with fearful details of botullism and how it can live for hours in boiling water. can live on green beans also! But we do that.
So today I began an experiment which will spread over a month or so. I am trying to pressure can eggs.

1. Gather wash and sterilze pint jars
2. Boil lids and keep hot
3. Gather and use only fresh eggs
4. Crack all eggs into a large bowl
5. Today due to the number of eggs, I will be canning only 2 pints. One without salt and one with salt (I forgot to photo the jars in the canner)
Right now I am listening to my pressure canner hissing and and the weight rocking. I am canning at 10# pressure for 40 minutes.

The reason this experiment will take a couple of weeks is because the girls heard I was experimenting with eggs and I think they are hiding them somewhere. So I will tempt them back in the hen house. I put out three 5 gallon white buckets set on their sides and filled with hay as a new egg laying area. They shouldn't be able to resist.

While I was waiting for my jars to sterilize, I started another large batch of cereal.

2 large containers of oats, pine nuts, pecans chopped, walnuts chopped and coconut. The sauce is honey, vegetable oil, molassas and a pinch of salt, vanilla and apple pie season. I will add raisins and dried cherries when it is done baking and has cooled.

I brought my sauce to a boil, put all my ingrediants into a turkey pan because this is such a large batch, and poured the sauce over the dry ingrediants. I stirred well and put into an oven set very low...200 degrees this time. I will bake and stir every 15 minutes or so until it is dry and browned.

When I got the pan in the oven I filled my jars with the experimental eggs and closed the lid. While waiting for the pot to start venting, I sliced my "todays harvest" for the dehydrator as well as a left over bunch of organic celery which I was not going to use before it went bad.

Jalepenos, banana peppers, pablano peppers, and monster okra. Yes it was a little tough but I am going to dry it anyway and will add it to something that has to cook a while.

It is about time to start working again. I will give the cereal one more stir.

****Update; experiment failed

What the websites don't tell you is that the eggs burn! And 1 inch head space is not enough. Eggs swell!


Faith said...

Love the tutorial on the granola. Thanks!

Eggsperiment... WOW! LOL You have been successful. You now know one way not to do it. That's quite a little eggsplosion.

A little corny humor this evening. ;o)



LOL Faith you are sharp today!

~ H said...

I would try your "eggsperiment" but my girls are STILL NOT laying!!!! I tell you there will be chicken for Turkey day at our house if they don't start laying SOON!!!! I am still trying the whole sweet talk thing but soon I will have tell them.... "I can can your eggs or I can can you" Oh my, I think my chickens are going to make me into a mean old lady.


H get a hatchet out and a big piece of fire wood...set it in front of the hen house with the hatchet stuck in the a hint. :)

LaDieu said...

I have a little dehydrator like that. Does yours have a fan? I have trouble getting things to dry evenly. The things at the bottom dry out much quicker... thoughts? Maybe time to get a decent dehydrator like an Excalibur or something?