Thursday, April 29, 2010


Guess what? I found basically an unlimited source for mulch so I can finish mulching around my garden beds and I can also fill up the compost pile and flower beds. The problem?

When my grand kids and I went to pick up a truck load, they wanted to climbing all over it. About a mile down the road they started to itch. Then they developed red dots on their arms. 2 miles...and they were close to tears because they were hurting now.

Poison ivy? Poison oak or sumac? I have no idea because it was chopped up.

Monday I stopped in Rockwall at my Toyota dealer and while I was waiting for my oil change I took a walk in the adjoining field. While there I found it!!! Ribbed Plantain. Also known as Ribwort Plantain. It differs from Broad leafed plantain in appearance and also in medicinal qualities.

Ribbed plantain is a miracle healer. Since I knew it was there and it was a plain field that no one would have sprayed with pesticides, and I had water to wash them off, I stopped there. Washed a hand full and then chewed them up.

I handed the boys each some mush to rub on their arms. They thought it was cool. They wanted to chew up their own poultice. So I washed some more. J liked the taste. D almost threw up but before we could even get home their red spots were gone and the itching had stopped.

Thank you God for miracles.

Came home and made half alfredo and half red homemade cheese pizza. Yum

Also I hope it's ok to share this:

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Faith said...

Plantain is so cool. I've got a lot of it here. I will have to keep a lookout for the cultivar you are talking about.

Free mulch is great, but yeah, you never know what's in it - pests, pesticides, tanin, poison whatevers...

Your pizza looks so delicious!

That video was so sweet, but by the end I was bawling. To listen to the words of that song and realize that they world he is imagining and wishing for really WILL come! Most people want a world like that, but they reject and curse the One who is going to bring it. So sad.

Still, watching the birth and the community of animals around it was beautiful. :o)