Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just as I did with my back yard before all of the renovations, I took a good look at my home. Why am I so cluttered? I am only one person. Yet I have no more storage space.

Here is what I came to understand. I have a lot of storage space which is not being properly used. So it is time not only to de clutter and rearrange, but while I am at it I will Spring clean.

Here are my plans:

1. Write down a plan for each room. (what will be stored there and where)
2. Then start at the back of the house (if I clean the front that people see first I might find an excuse to stop there)
3. Enter each room with 2 boxes. 1 for give away/throw away and 1 for items which don't belong in that room.
4. After the whole room has been sorted to see what goes and what stays, then remove anything textile. Take it to the laundry pile for washing.
5. Remove venetian blinds, take outside to a fence, hang up, spray with 409, scrub and rinse with a hose...leave to dry
6. Dust down cobwebs from ceiling, walls and ceiling fan and also dust furniture.
7. Re-organize remaining items
8. Take a broom and sweep along the perimeter of the wall and the baseboards.
9. Take a bucket of hot Murphys Oil Soap and water and a sponge and wash the baseboards, window sills, and all wood furniture
10. Wash windows including vacuming inside the edges where dust collected all winter.
11. Wash light fixtures on ceiling, fan and tables
12. Spray all pillows and mattresses with Febreeze
13. Remake the bed (if it is a bedroom)
14. Vacume floor
15. Remount venetian blinds

That is it...sounds simple right? I bet it takes me two weeks.

***Update***This will be harder than I thought. I have some really cool stuff.


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