Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Post

Sleeping undisturbed until 7:45am felt so wonderful. Waking up knowing that I have only 1 place that I must go today and that can be done late today is even better. I have the whole day to spend on the farm.

While the coffee brewed I stood on my back porch and it gave me a chance to see where the sun lies at this time of the day. Unfortunatly I also got to see the incredible volume of work that really must get done. All of it screaming "me first" instead I took some pictures and will drink coffee to the sound of the roosters and guneas and attempt to come up with a game plan.


Faith said...

Days when you can stay home are so great. Uninterrupted work. Too few and far between.

Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish today.



Faith can you imagine what show places our homes and farms would be if we were able just to stay home and work on that? lol well I am happy with a slightly sloppy farm for now.