Wednesday, April 21, 2010


First dinner...Wednsday is always "enchilada day" with a group from work. So dinner is light tonight. Ok you might say "yuk!!!" But it really is tasty and because it has juiced collard greens in it I am confident that it is very healthy. Collards, 1 apple, a cucumber and 4 stalks of celery. Very refreshing.

Ok, I am getting ready for this weekend's cubscout campout. I google'd "camping list" because I really didn't know where to start and you know me...I need a list to be at all productive.

First on the list....a tent. Wally world actually came through on this in more ways than one. Here is my new tent...

And as I was pulling into the parking lot I spotted these sitting there doing nothing....

As I was walking in to the garden section a man was walking out with a tag that said his name was Jeff. I asked Jeff what they planned on doing with them and he said he was just on his way out to smash them to pieces and put them in the dumpster. He was very happy to help me load them into my truck since that was easier than smashing them. He asked what I had in mind for them.....oh the possibilities are endless.

Tool shed, chicken coop, rabbit cage holder....I am thinking tool shed for the tall one...6 ft...and rabbit cage holder for the smaller one...5 ft.

And here is Bull trying to help unload and load the truck. He thinks he is going camping!

Tough life of a working dog.

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