Sunday, April 18, 2010


56 degrees and windy. It has been raining softly all night long. Not the down pours of this past winter but perfect garden rains. The clouds are just now starting to break up. I may be able to mow this evening.

Last night just before it was too dark to work outside, and right before the rain started, I remembered that I had two packages of potato starts that needed to go into the ground. They would be perfect for the last raised bed. I laid them out and then filled the bed up the rest of the way with good compost. I may build another box out of 2x6's and set it on top once the potatos are up and thriving and fill that to the top. Then I will simply remove the top to harvest the potatos this summer.

After I harvest potatos, I will use that deep bed for an asparagus bed.

Breakfast today is oatmeal, dates, walnuts and honey with hot milk.

Dinner tonight will be a home made Alfredo pizza with chopped greens from my garden and parmasian cheese.

I have to post about last night. I went to my sisters on the way home from the barn, proudly toting my 30 gallon trash can of newly scooped llama poop.

My sister was getting ready to go to the Ritz Carlton in Dallas for dinner. (I really wonder if we really are sisters).

I gave her some eggs and she gave me some wire and I left. As I pulled out of her driveway, her rear neighbor was out and working in his little garden by his driveway. Last summer I had noticed something very cool that he had built right at the end of the driveway. It was a series of 4 home made compost tumblers. They were 4 50 gallon blue drums mounted horizontally on poles on a wood rack. I will take my camera and get a picture next time I go.

I was the first time I had to tell him that they were great. He laughed when I rolled my window down and told him how cool they were. I told him I had llama poo in my truck and asked him if he wanted some. You should have seen how excited this young man got! "You'll gime me some????" I pulled into his driveway and we started talking. He asked if I wanted to see his water collection system. I will also take a picture of that when I am out next. Then he took me on a tour of his yard front and back. This is just a city lot but it is heaven. The beautiful beds are full of perinnials and herbs and he knows the names of all of them.

I left telling him to let me know if he needs more llama poo and he asked me to return so that he could divide his sedum and other plants and give me some! That will be a great trade. His name is Joe.

Also on the Llama poo farm: I spoke to the farmer and she has the large metal shipping containers set up as animal shelters. One is about 20 feet or more long. As we walked into it she pointed out that the floor is covered in about 5 inches of powdered manure. This is mixed but is primarily cow/goat mix. This will be hot and will need to be composted but will it ever be a wonderful addition to my compost pile??

Well since it rained all night I will spend today cleaning house and later will go out and build tomato cages.

What is that sound? Yep it's the garden growing!! woohooo

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