Sunday, April 18, 2010


With Iron and Wine playing, a cold glass of wine by my side, the pop and crack of the oven as it faithfully cooks my home made garlic drenched alfredo pizza, I realized that I never left my homestead this day.

I am not often blessed with a day filled with peace...this was one.

How often do you get to just do things that make happy?

My soul screamed for the out of doors today so after the kitchen got cleaned, instead of cleaning the whole house like I planned, I headed outside. There were two annoying things that needed to be done.

One was cleaning out the bed of my truck. It hasn't been done in months. slowly things had been gathering there. Rocks, llama poo, boxes, extra bags of dirt...etc.

The other was building a compost bin. Since I could not afford cinder blocks like I want, free pallets from craigs list will have to do for now. I added wire to the inside to keep most of the debris inside. Re mixed the horse manure and stall cleanings with yard debris and water. I need a correct fitting front. I will have to build that. Neither of my two remaining pallets fit. But that is ok. I will use the two pallets to build compost bin #2. Both will have home made front gates. The blue feed trough for now will protect from heavy rains. Later I will salvage my tarp from the chicken yard and cover the compost.

**While I typed the pizza got done. I really wonder if things you plant and harvest with your own hands taste so good just because of the work you put in. Now the pizza has on it greens from my garden but the rest is store bought of course. But I made it myself. The salad is topped with finely crushed smak ramen noodles uncooked, the dressing is olive oil toasted garlic, soy sauce and apple cider vinegar with a tiny bit of the smak ramen seasoning stirred in.

I am sipping the remaining red wine.

What an amazing day.

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