Monday, April 12, 2010


There was some good about this winter. My winter crops seemed to thrive from being covered with snow multiple times. But usually here in N TX winter is pretty much done by February. She hung on til March this year and threatened to take April also.

So now that it seems winter is done, I worked all weekend to erase all signs of her. The huge fire was to burn all of the winter debris that I didn't want to get out and pick up because it was too cold or muddy.

There is still the monster burn pile but that will have to be a different night with lots of spare time to monitor it's progress.

I mowed a quick turn around the pond. Lots of weed eating needed there. I spotted a lot of poison ivy which will need to go away.

The blackberries are in full swing. I really hope we have a huge crop this year. I will freeze as much as I can so that we can make ice cream this summer.

Getting ready to make apple/celery/cucumber juice for breakfast. Hope your day is wonderful. I was mowing I noticed that several types of wild flowers were thriving this year. I will keep track of these and see if it is my imagination that each year something different thrives.

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