Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is a cool little experiment: I am making 7 biodigesters. If they work well, then I will make more. This is a dual compost making/earth worm attracting invention.

I now have a limitless supply of free buckets with lids. Some have a spout on top and some don't.

First you drill holes in the bucket bottom...a lot of them. And then up the sides about 2 inches.

Then you dig a hole about 2.5 inches deep and big around as the bucket will fit into.

Then you take the dirt you dug out and break it up and put it back into the bucket bottom.

Then layer anything else worms love to eat...here we layered wet shredded paper, llama poo and juicing debris.

Put on a lid and shade cover and leave it alone for a week. Check it then and add more juicing debris if needed. There should be lots of worms moving in by the second week. I will be experimenting with different sized drill bits and different types of food.

Just 6 more to go!

wow a full blue moon tonight! lol

Got some tomato cages built tonight. This wire is very tough.

We also got 1 row of grapes wired up.

Now trying to unwind and go to bed!

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Faith said...

I saw something similar, only with a long piece of pvc pipe stuck in the ground.

Nice idea.