Sunday, April 4, 2010


Dinner just doesn't begin to describe the meal we ate together today. Each person in my family brought something. You saw my contribution on the prior blog.

Here is what we had. A huge perfectly cooked juicy ham, Sissy's mashed potatos and fresh green beans, hot rolls, collard greens cooked and served with an olive oil-garlic-soy sauce dressing (even my daughter said that was good!), a huge salad with fresh mesclin mix salad greens, spinach and chopped fresh broccoli and tomatos, and for dessert---home made strawberry ice cream and coconut cake!

I had to roll myself up the stairs.

After dinner I went to feed the horses and got a call from one of the neighbors by the barn asking if I wanted unlimited llama poop. Ok so it doesn't take much to make me happy, but for those who don't can apply llama poo directly to your garden. It will not burn your plants. And llamas are very helpful in that they always poo in the same spot. So all I have to do is drive up that spot and shovel the pellets into the trash can.

Since this field is inhabited by non llama animals I will use caution when applying this and will at first fill the bottoms of the new beds with the poo so it has a chance to age a bit before coming into contact with roots.

I hope to pick up a trash can full each weekend.

And since the tractor is broken....I can almost hear my grass growing!!

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