Thursday, April 1, 2010


I finished planting the rest of my grape vines tonight. All got mulched and watered including the new pecan trees, Arkansas Black apples, the walnut tree and persimmons.

While the water was running slowly soaking each vine, I went out back, filled the second cedar planter and planted 2 tomatillos, 2 marigolds, 2 sweet potato vines and a creeping thyme. I watered them and the garden, filled the chicken water and food and by then it was full dark.

I still had about 7 grapes to water so I stood and enjoyed the soft breeze and just listened to the sounds. The lions were quiet tonight as if they too were listening. The chiiiirrrr of little frogs from the pond, the sound of the breeze in the little leaves of the new grapes, assorted bugs singing from the newly green grass and my wind chime tinkling from the porch.

Standing there in the quiet is usually when God teaches us our best lessons. My thoughts tonight were how strong He created our heart. He knew how hard life would be. He knew we would sometimes see horrors. He knew that we would be hurt...sometimes by those we loved and trusted. Sometimes it feels as if our hearts had ruptured in two. But the fact is this. Our hearts were built by our creator to be unbreakable.

I hear half of you laughing because you say you yourself have experienced a truly broken heart. But you have not. Until we stand before our creator, we will never really know what a broken heart is. Only He can break it and He only does it for our good. He alone has felt that pain.

Our unbreakable hearts are the most amazing part of the gift given to us thousands of years ago on the first Good Friday.


Faith said...

That's why I love the country. The separation of chaos from peace. The ability to see the evidence of God all around. The ability to miditate on the truths that are plain to the eye and hear Him.

It's so easy to be distracted all the time with all the bustle of humanity, that you miss what is real.


Anonymous said...

Tracy...Peaceful Acres is right!!!


100% agreed Faith. It is amazing how when I pull in the drive, the day melts away. are least til the grandboys get out of the car! lol