Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ok I just had the perfect lunch: dill tuna salad, el fenix chips, cool water and 2 Aleve. Now I have to wait for the pain killers to kick in and I will be ready for the after noon!

I can't believe it is lunch time already. This morning went by so quickly. But I have to tell you that I drank that juice last night around 7ish and I was not hungry until 10:30am this morning. It was 11 by the time I had lunch ready.

So here is what I got done so far this morning.First you have to walk around a look at everthing. Like a hot cup of steaming coffee and a truck full of free used lumber for new garden beds!

An old iron bed given to me by the owner of the barn where I keep my horse!

Stones ready to make a walk way from the back porch

Staples for the platic and latches for the new gates.

See the base of an old peddle sewing maching? I have spoken to a high school boy I know who takes a shop class. He said if I bring it to him during the week he will weld the breaks for me. I plan on sanding and painting the base and attaching wood to the top for a porch table.

My tomatillo is blooming!

What a mess!

In one cedar box is marigolds, sweet potato vines, thyme and a tomatillo

In the other is the Sweet Bay and another tomatillo

The carolina jasmine is waking up

While planting the tomatos last week I broke off the top of one of them. I decided to stick it in water. Look what happened!

I ran out of mulch but here is what I got done with what I had

I cleaned out the dead yuccas from around the pine tree and found years worth of decaying leaves. What rich dirt. I need to find something that will grow there to take advantage of the dirt. But it is a dappled shade area.

So then I cleaned out from under the second pine and found something interesting

Here the blue tub is on top of the new compost pile. I don't have anything to put around it yet. That will have to come later. To the left is the beginnings of the second compost pile.

The Aleve is beginning to work. Time to get back after it.

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Peggy said...

You wear me out just reading!! Will post the strawberry bread and strawberry butter recipes tomorrow. Several have ask. Have a great Easter