Saturday, May 1, 2010


Bedroom 1 is complete. I can not believe how much trash and give aways came out of that one room!!!

It looks bare now. but I found a use for the rustic desk that was taking up too much space in the living room. I moved the little book shelf into my bedroom because I needed more book space there.

Officially when the sheets are done and the beds are made it will be complete. The closet is empty and ready for camping gear. That will be the official storage place for all things camp.

Here is why I do not shop early for Christmas. I found these in the closet. Who knows how long they have been there. Who knows who they were for. So now they are mine and I will use them for cooking fresh veggies over an open fire this summer.

It stormed last night which was a good thing. Here you can see the new mulch and my bi colored kitchen garden.

I wish I could hide the a/c unit. The green plants just in front of the a/c are sprouts from a cut down tree. They will be sprayed with vinegar today. When I think they are year maybe...I will drill holes in them and plant a pumpkin seed in each stump. Pumpkins roots will break up the stump faster.

The rain water was great for the garden. The bush beans are thriving. Today I will try to get yard long beans planted around the sweet corn.

The spaghetti squash is getting their real leaves and the khalorabi is thriving.

Okra and cucumbers too.

I can not believe the tomatos. I will trim some of the leaves off so that the plant will put more energy into setting fruit.

Today's lunch will include this little banana pepper, salad from the back garden gathered while I pull the broccoli plants and most of the collard plants, and plant some watermelon and cantelopes.

I love these rocks. I just don't know what to do with them yet. I have many more that I want to move around from the front bed.Good morning guinea family.

I love the spring green.

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