Sunday, December 14, 2008


I hate being sick. I feel like it is a wasted vacation. Saturday was a wash. I went down into the pond riding the little tractor. I was tired before I ever got there just gathering my tools. Then after a quick survey, I found hidden stumps under the cattails, so I could not use the mower. I also realized that this was too big of a job to do by hand. This needs heavy equipment. I will have to plan on hiring a backhoe to dig out the pond.

Today I took Niquil at 5:30am and slept til 10:30. I felt better so I ate oatmeal and went outside to see if I could get a little done.

Well, I knew it was windy but didn't realize how windy. I fought the plastic to cover the winter garden and got it covered which lasted approx 30 seconds. Then it blew off. I reatached it twice and then gave up and just laid it on top of the garden with a few sticks. This won't work for very long. I will have to think of something else.

Then I went out to the chicken house. My plans were to fill the water and feed and rake it out. Only to find the wind had detached the plastic on it too. I HATE WIND.

I reatached it the best I could with my staple gun but fought the wind the whole time. Don't know how long it will last. Filled up the larger waterer since the chickens are going through the water twice as fast since I switched food. I cleaned out the house and filled the food so they should be good to go for a few days.

Cold weather is coming. It is 73 degrees today! But the high tomorrow is supposed to be 39! So I also took the saw to the front yard and cut up some smaller wood that was laying in a pile and broke up starter wood and filled the box that i keep it in. Since it is not calling for precip I should be good to go. I will keep the fire going and should only have to start it once tomorrow morning.

I really hope that the wind dies before the temps drop. 40mph wind on top of 39 degrees will hurt when I go out to get wood for the fire.


Carol said...

Don't worry I'll catch your plastic for you when it hits central OK! A blogger friend in the MO Ozarks says it is equally windy there today, also. Sundays are supposed to be my writing, reading, craft day -- I husband my animals and steward my land every other day of the week. But, I will quit early today and brave the wind to feed and water animals and do what is necessary to prepare for a high temp tomorrow of 30 degrees. Crossing fingers for no ice!

Peggy said...

no wind here. We have been outside all day catching up on chores. I wish the cold weather would come here. Its suppose to be in the 70's all week here. Hope you feel better soon

Patrice Farmer said...

I hope you feel better. I woke up feeling sick yesterday...whenever I feel sick I remember what Lea told me...she reminds me of what I told her when she was younger..."If you think you're sick, you'll be sick...mind over matter." It doesn't always work but as soon as I thought I felt better I did. Hope you feel better.


LOL, thanks carol! Use it on your garden when it flys your way. Right now it is finally still outside. Peggy as much as you love the cold, you should live with Pea!!! Patrice, my mind is not that strong. I will try though. Laundry is getting done and home made bread is in the oven.