Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday: Day 6 of "Vacation"

I can not believe that the 6th day of vacation is here and this is the first day that I am better. What a waste of time being sick is.

New Years Rez #1: Get healthy so this doesn't happen again!

Ok I have bread rising in the kitchen. We won't talk about why I need to bake more bread. Lets just say that I need to have my glasses on when I turn on the oven from now on because bread doesn't bake very well under the broiler.

Quit it! I can hear ya'll laughing!

Today is a cool day and I will have to add pics later. My friend Tabitha is supposed to come out for the first time to see the farm. We won't have much time to visit because I have to go to work....yes work on a vacation day. Tabitha is kind of a city girl/tom boy. I think she really likes the city.

The wind blew tons of stuff around the yard and I need to get out there with a trash bag and start picking up before she gets here. I can't wait to see if I have another egg!


Carol said...

Well, I'm not laughing. Been there, done that and will probably do it again.
Smile, you should have only about 4 more days of your cold.
It's kind of drippy fog here today and 40 degrees. Not the best driving weather, but must go to Oklahoma City - husband coming back from 2 wks in Korea. Hope he had a chance to do some shopping!
Keep warm, dry and drink LOTS of liquids.

Patrice Farmer said...

tracy we know you're a good cook, you make us hungry, so if you make a mistake, its okay as long as you post those pictures of the finished product!!!