Friday, December 12, 2008


Right now I am sitting in my recliner, covered with faux fur and listening to the tea maker clicking away making my custom mix of Fairy Garden, Mint, and some other kind of tea mix that is good for your heart.

At 4:30 my vacation started. You know how they go so since I got home after dark, I am going to do nothing but drink tea, read my book Dragons Blood by Todd McCaffery, and think/plan.

This is what I bought at Sams as my start of stocking up:

25# of flour

8 cans of evap milk

3# coffee

36 rolls of tp

1# yeast (good for bread and the septic tank)

Ok this cost $42! So this is going to be a process. I will need to plan well. What I was wondering is if I know that I need beans, flour, corn meal, canned veggies, canned fruit, assorted canned items, etc etc....should I get 100 cans of peaches first, then buy 1000 rolls of tp, then buy 500# of flour.....or do I buy like I did assorted variety of stuff?

Also on my mind is that I will have to think up some kind of storage of water. Here in TX we don't need a shtf situation...we all know that right around the corner is another drought. Water rationing is a given. I have got to plan for this.

One mistake that I have made in the past is to buy things that I don't normally dehydrated eggs and powdered tomatos. Please! I would rather work on a good strong flock of chickens for the eggs and have a sealed bag of heirloom tomato seeds.

Anyway....I do have to go to work this week on Thu and Friday for half days of training in a new system. I am bummed. But it only cuts out 1 full day. I will still be able to get a lot done.

I am planting the Black Seeded Simpson tomorrow and adding plastic to the winter garden. It got so cold last week that I may need to replant what I just put in the ground.


azurevirus said...

Sounds like your on your way....I have my "protecdtion" dept pretty much taken care of, should last me for a couple of months..the food dept is doing good and I buy like extras when I can of things that I can eat out of the can or package..I try to spend 15-20 bucks a week on extra food stuffs and it varies but its stuff I like to eat..I figure I will go thru the canned good first then the dried foods.. as the first few weeks will prob be the hardest and having to start a fire in the early days may be a problem..wish I could get more dried fruits but the choice here is limited and expensive..but we will get there!


protection is an area I haven't even touched on yet but I must. If for no other reason than that huge snake that lives in my pond.

Patrice Farmer said...

This year I'm planning on cooking more from scratch and making more homemade convience foods that are ready to use. I think you've got a good start already.

PEA said...

I think spending time with a good book and a cup of herbal tea is an excellent way to start vacation time:-) Sounds like you will be busy as well, though, so good luck with all your plans!! xoxo


Thank you pea....woke up sick. I sure hope it goes away quickly. I want to get stuff done.