Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ok so I guess I am such a work-a-holic, I forgot to take vacation this year. I had to take it or lose it. So I am on vacation from now til Monday!!! AND I am on vacation the week of the 15th too!!!

I am sitting here planning my vacation days and eating Asian Zing wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Here is what I have so far....I will edit this post as I come up with more ideas.

Read some in Storey's Country Skills, and The Have More Plan which will help me (hopefully) plan something in the garden area.

Just got done going through the stack of mail.

Dig through the book shelf to see if I have a book on plumbing so I can learn how to install new guts in my toilet because it has started running....this is a big no-no on a septic tank.

Install the curved shower curtain rod that I bought a year ago in my bathroom along with a brand new shower curtain......don't you just love a new shower curtain....uh oh....you know what will happen then? I will want to paint the bathroom!!! And then I will install the stick on window glass fogger thingys so I can raise the shades in the bathroom without mooning the neighbor across the street.

Build a wood rack to hold firewood on the front porch.....this will be re-used as a plant holder in the summer. (I don't have the plans yet but I bet I can find it online)

Figure out how to change the oil on the John Deere.

Finish raking the front yard and re-mix the middle compost pile.

Clean out the 2 junk drawers. Edit point: X Done

...went from two drawers stuffed full....(yes I had to use my work gloves to unload the drawers)

to one light drawer.

Clean out all my cabinets, and refrig in preparation for what I will be doing week after next which is go to the barn where I am storing the remainder of my stuff and pull everything out, open all boxes, pick out all the stuff I still want to keep, and box the remainder for give away/sell on Craigs list. This will only take place if it is cold enough for the spideys to be asleep!

I also will be preparing more for the future...not only SHTF scenarios, but also having enough food on hand in case something happens (ie ice storm, loss of job, etc.), having a first aid kit onhand that is stocked, etc. I have a ton of storage in this house and am not using it properly'

Pull out the tree and the decorations and decorate the house. (have to go to Home Depot first to buy a new staple gun...woohoo)

Cut up the starter wood and box it....and walk the field and gather more.

Completely clean the front and back yard, put away the pots for the winter.


Ok I will update when I get more ideas.


Finish my out of state shopping, pack the NC box, the MI box and my long term care application and go to the post office (that should eat up half a day).

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Faith said...

The Have More Plan has to be one of my favorite old self-sustained living books.