Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The sun is shining and it is an amazing day. I slept until 8am! I hate it when I do that. Half the day seems to be gone.

Of course I was up at 1am and couldn't sleep.

While the coffee brewed I cleaned half the kitchen and fed the kitties...who are not on vacation. I am still finding dead rats every day in the yard.

I walked out and said good morning to the chickies, opened their door because it is very windy but warm today. Up in the sky was a beautiful hawk that was almost white fighting the high winds. He caught a current that plummeted him to the ground and at the last second he pulled up and zipped around the house and came out the other side and over the field. Amazing.

Then I walked over and saw this...

Yes I have seen this for the last year but now I may have some time to work on this mess.

This is a corner of the back yard which has balled up pieces of wire that are overgrown in grass. It also has an old wire fence which is over grown with wild plums.

Here is the wild plum orchard which is unkept.

And here is the other part of the fence line. This seperates my back yard from my field and since at this time I have nothing to keep in the field and don't plan to any time soon, I thought I would add this to the project list. 14 days of vacation should be enough to pull that fence down, dig up the sucker plum trees, and clear out the area in that back corner. There is a surprise back there.

The most amazing rose bush I have ever seen. And it produces huge hips. But I found out today that either birds or rats are smart about rose hips too. They were all gone when I went out to harvest them. I was waiting til frost but I guess the birds dont.


Patrice Farmer said...

Wow, you're gonna work on your vacation! Me, I'd be sitting up watching movies...and leave the work for a regular day-lol.


I love this kind of work!! I can do it at my own pace because I would be in a hurry on a work day due to limited time.