Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ok this will be short. I don't have a pic of this but thought it would crack you up. I have said before that the birds like to frequent the compost pile due to the sunflower seeds in there and now leftover chicken food. Well when the chickens started free ranging they liked to scratch through it too for the same reason.

Well one of the auracana's has decided that the piles are hers and the wild birds should not come there. I really wish you could have seen her with her feathers poofed out running after each little bird that landed on the compost pile. They would only fly as far as the fence and as soon as she turned her back they would fly back.....and here she would come plowing up over the pile wings out spread, chasing them away again. This went on for at least two hours and then I had to leave for dinner. So I guess she did it til dark. I will find a way to get a video of it.


Peggy said...

Hi,I have sorted the link on my blog thanks for visiting and leaving the comment.I have been reading some of your back posts and I think I was here before!Hope Christmas was great for you and 2009 will be happy and productive on your farm, you certainly work hard and deserve it.
Best Wishes


thank you peggy!