Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sissy's Birthday and Sleet on the Stove Pipe

Well today is a great day. We woke up to temps at 68 and coming out of work at 4:30 the wind was howling and it was about 38. As I sit here and write, I hear sleet hitting the stove pipe. Guess it is getting bad again. I am glad I am snug inside. I hate to admit to it but I did turn on the heater. Trying to keep my daughter away from the thermostat. For some reason she things 68 is cold! Love this TX weather. Warm and wet one moment and cold and icy the next. It did storm last night but not bad.

Today is my sissy's birthday. We just ate at a Japanese place that was very yummy. But outside while we were eating it started to sleet. Our cars where covered when we came outside. Nothing sticking on the ground. Here is a picture of her and her favorite pooch Stuey.

When I came home I found that Santa had yet again come to the chicken house. He did some winterizing.

Patrice I wish you had a place that you would build a "greenhouse" for your chickens in the winter.


Patrice Farmer said...

Tracy, you need to send SANTA my way...stop keeping him all to yourself-LOL!

I built an indoor chicken pen for them in the garage. I am putting the lights, food/water and them in there today. I know the babies esp. will be very happy to move around!!!

And boy ya'll have alot of birthdays right next to eachother. Hope your sister had a wonderful birthday!


I am so glad to hear this. They will love stretching their legs