Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Flash is such a big help. He acts like a health inspector in each cabinet that I clean out.

This cabinet is where I will store foil plastic sandwich bags, liquor, abundant amounts of kitty food, and bulk purchases of canned goods. I will purchase wire shelves so that the air space in each of these cabinets can be used.

Yea can say it....this is completly crazy. What makes up 90% of this mess?

You guessed it....saved grocery sacks. A friend asked why on earth I had so many. Tell me it is not hard to throw these away? They have so many uses!

Found my large soup pot. Now we can really make some chicken and dumplings!

This is way more like it. But see all the wasted air space?



Ok this is completly wasted space.

That is more like it.

Dish and cup cabinet is done.

Under the sink isn't much better. A little more organized but I only threw away a few things. I might really need this stuff!

Look what I found under the sink? Come on, guess what it is....


Patrice Farmer said...

We cleaned out our cabinents and took everything out because of water damage...damage my landlord won't fix due to his being extremely rich and refusal to fix things unless he's forced too. I am waiting for the city to force him to fix it. Being renters we get inspections by our city and so I have to wait until march for them to come back around but they just need to rip out the entire cabinent/sink area in my opinion. Until then we put all of our pots/pans in other cabinents and in a bin.

PEA said...

Doesn't it feel good to have the cabinets cleaned out! I did mine a couple of weeks ago but they're already starting to look messy again. lol

I haven't received your parcel yet but I will email you the minute I do:-) xoxo


I hate water damage. I am sorry you are living with cabinets like that. I am sure that is how my tenant felt too but he never told me about the leak! A guy thing maybe? Pea I hate this. They told me 5-10 business days. I will get out the ppwk and see if there is a way they can trace it. With the USPS I don't think they can I really hope it doesn't get there smushed.