Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I worked til 8pm tonight and will probably work until at least 5 tomorrow going in early. Hey at least I have a job! Winter storm season. At least we got a tiny breather between this and hurricane season.

Outside right now the wind is howling at about 30-40 mph! Crazy stuff.

Well with the new pay decrease with the new company, I was not sure when/if I would be able to get a freezer. I cleared a spot for it in the kitchen (ok well kind of...the empty spot tends to get filled up with stuff). While talking to my parents I was telling them about how many gallons of frozen broth I have in the refrig freezer. I told them that I didn't want a 5cu ft but could probably make due with a 7cu ft. Really I would love to have a giant full sized freezer because I am completly confident that I will be able to grow stuff this year!

Mom said she wished that I would take the freezer in the garage that they weren't using.

They offered this before but I didn't think I had room. We all went out to look at it. It is about 5 ft high and stands out from the wall about 2.5 to 3ft. It is the perfect size for me! Hopefully it will run good but they have never had a problem with it.

Now to find someone to move it for me. I am so excited! I can stock up on chicken and beef broth with bones purchased from the local farm. When I find a good deal at a local farmers market I will be able to freeze it.

My vacume sealer works very well. I will be able to cook meals ahead and vacume seal them and freeze them.

Possibly I will be able to purchase larger quantities of organic pork, lamb and beef when/if I can afford it. That will make it cheaper per pound. And of course with my plan to buy 100 meat roosters from Cackle Hatchery this spring, I will need the space to put them in the freezer. That vacume sealer is going to come in very handy this spring.

Endless possibilities. Being old it will make my electric bill jump but I believe it will be worth it.


Carol said...

Congratulations on the freezer. Perhaps you can find someone with a pickup that you can trade loaves of bread, etc for freezer moving. Wish we were closer. Since I have Lupus, my gardening is limited , so I would gladly move your freezer for a share of your garden produce.
Have a very Merry Christmas.

Patrice Farmer said...

Great! I had inherited a deep freezer my mom had from when I was a kid twice in my life. When we lived in Detroit when Lea was three she gave it to me then and I gave it back to her when we moved to Tennessee. Then we came back to Michigan she gave it back to us and I had it for three years before it kept blowing the fuses-(or breaker)-because this house is just plain wired wrong! I sold it to my friend who uses it right now. I bought a newer one but it doesn't hold as much as the old one did. It'll increase your bill but you're right, it'll be worth it!

Peggy said...

Now thats a perfect gift! Have a wonderful fun Christmas!!