Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well the Cowboys were playing so bad I left and came home from my sisters, put in Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring, put on an organic chicken to bake, and will make rice and peas.

Getting dark out. Chooks are going back into the house. I plan on being up late and getting up early. Tomorrow will be a huge day at work. I will work only Mon-Wed. I am not sure if I will have Friday off or not.

Advertised on Craigs list for someone to come and service my old tiller. It look awful but it worked great the last time I started it. I am working on some No Till beds and also will till some other areas up and add the partially composted rabbit poo from this summer. Then I will start a new compost pile with fresh poo.

I am going to begin bringing home bags of goat poo also from the barn where I store my belongings and my horse. If I have the energy I will also bring home horse manure.

One way or another i will build up these beds so they will drain.

I found a website that advertises cocoa fiber runners to use as mulch. I would like to use this in the isles because fabric breaks down way too fast.

I also found a wonderful website ( with a ton of heirloom vegetable. No photos but I am ok with that due to the variety.


Patrice Farmer said...

yeah, sandhills seems to be a good site. You are like the queen of poop-lol! You are always picking up poop! I hope you're garden renders alot of veggies!


lol. Ok I think there needs to be a blog award created for that!!! I hope that all this poop hauling will mean a great garden.

Peggy said...

I would love to know where you get all that enery from!poop does seem to be the manure of choice all over the world, although reading some of the organic gardening books some veg does not like it and prefer veg/plant compost. I am using both as we have an endless supply of horse manure on the allotments, it must be well rotted down.


Yes it does but the nice thing about rabbit manure is it doesn't have to rot as long as say chicken, hore or goat.