Sunday, December 7, 2008


What is it about boys and tents? Somehow a tent in a wild plum orchard suddenly becomes a cabin in the woods.

Then a piece of blue and orange plastic and a bunch of marbles suddenly becomes

...a river filled with paranahs!!

And then there are the differences between the boys themselves.

First there is the oldest who is more into the logistics of the log cabin. In rough times one would not want the outside word to be able to easily see his home. He may want to hide from some people so he works hard at making his home camouflaged...

And then there is the youngest who is more of a creature comfort sort of person and makes sure that they have all the comforts of home inside. (and has to try them out)

As for me....

While they played in the cabin in the woods and found treasures in the land around their cabin, and worked on building their own fire pit, I worked on my winter garden. I have planted the following in my garden:

**Buttercrunch Lettuce




I am missing my Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce seeds. I will go buy some more and plant the remaining part of the garden in lettuce.

Here is the garden with a frame for plastic sheeting to protect it from the cold weather.

It is around 60 degrees today. The sun is shining and it is beautiful out. The birds are singing and according to one of my grandboys, they are singing Christmas Carols! They swear!


Patrice Farmer said...

How nice to see them enjoying themselves so much. And good job with the winter garden. Must be nice to have 60 degree weather. We're down into the teens now.


I could not take that cold!! It will be down in the 20's wed-fri but the highs will be in the high 40's. Yuk I wish you didn't have to put up with the cold like that. Stay warm!