Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As all of us usually do at New Years, I am taking an assessment of me. My health, my life, my attitude, my home...everything.

Over the past few weeks I am begun readying myself for the new years routine. I plan on working out every day after work. But realized that just that and just a healthier diet wasn't enough.

Someone recommended the book Staying Healthy with the Seasons. I know that even if the bottom doesn't fall out of the economy, I want to live closer to the land and seasons. I want to not eat so much out of season things in spring and fall.

As I read this book it had what I feel is the perfect starting point. Detoxing has been foremost in my mind lately but I didn't know how to start. This book has a recipe for a Master Cleanse. I know this won't be easy, or fun. But I hope at the end I will be better ready to begin my new healthier lifestyle.

So I start tonight. It is a little spicy so I will have to alter the cayenne pepper amount.
Also, as I look around, I realize that I don't want my year to be spent in a dirty home. So as I begin my 10 day cleanse tonight, I will also work on finishing laundry and putting it away, cleaning the house, doing floors and if I have enough energy, I may put away the christmas decorations.

Although I may turn the tree on and enjoy it one more night. Too bad I can't keep it up all year...and just change out the decorations to match the seasons....hey.....who says I can't. I will have to really think about that for a while...maybe a day or two!! I might at least leave my little village up until spring. I wish they made seasonal might be onto something here.

Ok, I picked up the mail and it really did feel like christmas. Two seed catalogs. I will hold off on reading those until tomorrow.

The people who own the barn where I keep my horse left me these wonderful new kitchen towels for christmas. I really like them.

What is in store for tomorrow? We will just have to see since I don't have to go to work.

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Patrice Farmer said...

The new year is a time for renewal. And I feel like you do about the seed catalogs! I'll really be happy when the heirloom ones come!