Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I found a U Pick em farm not far from my home today! Organic raised and very nice people. Nothing fancy. When you pull up there is a man sitting at a table in his garage. He takes you via golf cart escorted by two farm dogs out to the field. And this field is very very quiet. I could hear nothing but a far off plane and coyotes in the creek line.

He left me there with Misty (one of the dogs)for company and came back right before dark. He helped me load on the 3 paper bags of turnip greens (15lb)and 1 10# bag of turnips. The green beans weren't worth the back ache. I only got enough for a meal.

So 15lb of greens and 10# of turnips, about a pound of green beans, 4 free garden magazines and a cold can of 7-up all for $12. I am going to can some of the greens and freeze some.

Here is the shed! It is finished on the outside except for caulking and painting and mounting the rear gutter. We will be running it in to a rain barrel system for the garden.

Dad put in a little work bench. It isn't attached yet. I love this! Saturday I will be going to get peg board to mount so that I can hang my tools. It will be an all day project to get them put in.

Sorry the pics are fuzzy. It is dark and the light is from the truck head lights. It is hard to hold the camer still enough for a good pic in the dark.

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