Friday, November 12, 2010


I have the windows open....wind is blowing hard out of the North. The house was hot when I got home and since I actually broke a sweat doing chores, I decided to cool it off inside before the front cools things off much more.

Storms roared through N TX and the central region today. I returned some spoiled chicken food before I got home and then refilled the feed can with new feed. Fed the ravinous meat chicks while the patient adult birds looked at me as if to a hatchet?

My rabbit breeder is coming in the morning to help me attempt again to breed my rabbit does. Jane and Jean need to start contributing to the farm or they will be contributing to the freezer.

Personally I don't think Buckley likes girls but we will see tomorrow.

I have a HUGE stock pot half full and simmering with homemade speghetti sauce. As soon as it is done, it will go into jars and into the pressure canner. It just isn't the weekend without canning something.

Tomorrow morning while the rabbit guy is here, I will also be cooking chicken stock. I am going to fill the pot and simmer it for 1 hour. I will then strain it, put the meat and bones back in the pot and fill it with fresh water and do it again. On the third time I will add some vinegar to the pot which will leach calcium from the bones on the last boil which will make a calcium rich broth.

Then I will combine all three batches of strained broth and I will cook it long enough to reduce by half. This will make a mouth watering rich stock for the winter.


Faith said...


I've never added vinegar. How much do you add, and can you taste it?



I will add about 1/8 of a cup and no you can't taste it because it boils out. The bones will become rubbery