Thursday, November 11, 2010


Nothing like leaving before dark and getting home after dark!

When I got home it was raining lightly...pinging on the metal carport. I just leaned back against the truck and listened.

Changed clothes, unloaded 2 cubes of pine shavings into the damp floor of the hen house. The birds are now fed, watered and are laying in the new shavings "purring".

And on my shoulder...the one who should be purring is my cat and he is snoring in my ear.

Just talked to my veteran and wished him a happy veterans day and thanked him and his buddy for their service to our country.

I am sipping a new batch of new homemade ginger ale.

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Faith said...

Less than 12 hours of light here now. With your job, its more of a challenge to find the time to get out there. Good thing winter is coming. :o) More cosy time indoors.

Sounds like a really nice evening.