Saturday, November 20, 2010


Look at this tool shed!!! It is going to be wonderful. And it's creators. Dad and Bull. Bull works with dad every bit of the way. And makes sure that dad takes a break and gets some exercise. Friday dad went over to the house while I was at work to work on the shed.

Bull loves this because dad always brings him a treat. And sometimes shares his lunch with him. Well dad forgot to close the trunk when he started to work on the shed and Bull reached in and grabbed dads plastic wrapped sandwich!

Dad yelled and Bull took off running across my field with this 82 year old man in hot pursuit. He chased Bull for 5 minutes before pinning him against a fence. When Bull knew he was caught he laid the sandwich down (smiling) and turned his tail to my dad to scratch his back. No he was not contrite at all. After all he had not even put a hole in the plastic.

John Gillis came over today. He is my rabbit guy and he brought an extra cage and some tools. We put my buck in the cage and hung him from the end of the rabbit frame.

Remember my cage is long and is 3 part. We removed the two inside walls to make it a two part cage instead. This gives the does so much more room for nest boxes and babies.

This is my birthday present to my grandson. His first real hunting outfit. He goes on his first hunt this year. December 5th!!!

Tummies are all full and everyone is sleeping. One more week and I start putting them in the freezer. And you are not going to believe this!....

My turkey is not a hen. HE gobbled today and fanned his tail out!

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Faith said...

That's wonderful! I can't wait for you to be able to begin to use it.

I can just see your dad, like a great big kid, chasing that dog. LOL