Monday, November 29, 2010


Since yesterday...when looking at my calendar....I was toying with the idea of advertising the rest of the chickens on craigslist.

My heart was not in butchering 19 chickens all by myself. Then I remembered I had a whole bird in the fridge that I had put in to marinade last night. I had to cook it tonight.

I decided on fried. I mixed flour, italian bread crumbs, salt, pepper and coriander. I fried it in my cast iron and I wish I could explain my change of mind. As soon as I began to smell it soon as I cut my first piece and the juice squirted soon as I took that first mind changed.

I will be investing in a good industrial vacume sealer soon. I want fried chicken this winter.


Faith said...

It is really hard to butcher a lot of chickens. By yourself is all the harder. I'm really impressed and proud of you.

I've heard that when you get to where it automatic, you can take one from yard to ready to cook in 5 to 10 minutes. But it takes a lot of practice.

Looks delicious!



Faith i am going to start timing it. I need to make sure I am getting faster.

And today I took a piece of chicken, home canned turnip greens, and a baked sweet potato. Oh my gosh I am so excited about both greens and chicken. The guy beside me was so mad because it smelled so good and I didn't bring enough to share!

Faith said...

If you can watch this video - 20 minutes, check it out.



I want a wizbang chicken plucker!