Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok I didn't know that you can look under a buck rabbit and tell if he is too young to breed. I got that lesson yesterday and found out why I don't have little rabbits yet. I am taking my does over to John's house and breeding them both to his big bucks.

And look! My meat chickens are actually outside! It took putting their water outside for them to actually move around. They don't walk unless it's absolutely necessary. Lazy things.

My garlic is up! woohooo

And my romaine lettuce is the best lettuce in the whole world. I am planting a whole bed of this next year. It crunches like potato chips and if you wrap meat in it makes an amazing wrap.

This is my lettuce garden for cut and come again salad. I have to pick out the leaves and trim the volunteer tomato and then get a winter frame on it. Hopefully I will have salad through the winter.


Faith said...

Your lettuce looks so good! That's what I'm aiming to grow through the winter. And celery as well.

I think as soon as the greenhouse is done, I"m going to build some cheap hoop houses as well. Preparing for the food prices of 2011.



Yea I am already seeing food prices go up daily. I am a little worried.