Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well you are not going to believe this. I got an automated voice mail congratulating me on my approval of refinancing my home! I went online and sure enough there is was. It gave me 5 documents that I have to fax in tomorrow. Grain of salt here....I will believe it when I close.

But when this happens...not only does this pay off all but my truck payment of my remaining debt...but it lowers my monthly payment on all of these debts from $1300 down to $749 and lowers my house payment $100. And also because of the appraisal...I now have $40k in equity! Wow kinda hard not to get excited.

I drove in my driveway and saw what my daddy has been working on so hard for a couple of weeks. My tool shed is almost done. (pics later)

3rd...dinner tonight? Home made...home canned chicken and dumplings. (last jar though)

4th Wild hair. I want a pantry....I don't have one. What I do have is a hall closet that I only use for storing linens.

I have a cedar chest now in my room. I opened it and it is almost empty and smells soooo good. This is my parents that they gave me. I treasure it.

I unloaded the hall closet and found the following:
3 boxes of Christmas lights (woohoo)

2 irons
1 space heater

1 amazing dark brown suede duvet cover and matching bed skirt(see it under the linens?)

6 fitted sheets and 2 flat sheets...none of which match
18 pillow cases...why do I need this many? (transporting rabbits, trick or treating in really ritzy neighborhoods, carrying wild kittys to the vet for their shots, filling with acorns to smash against a tree and crack open...endless things)
5 antique linens
1 lacy table cover
2 baby washcloths and 1 baby blanket...just in case

The suede duvet cover will go on my bed and the rest are in the cedar chest.

Now for the nearly empty closet:

1. email sent to daddy with photos and request for next project after the tool shed is done...add two more shelves...see the wasted space?
2. install self rotating can shelves in the left and right sides of the closet to make that easier to reach
3. move my canned goods into the hall closet
4. begin filling used bottles with water and date and store in the bottom of the closet

I believe I may be able to store 6 months of food and water in this closet.

And lastly...6th

I told you Sunday I found that my buck is too young to breed my does. So off to the breeder and immediatly got one of the girls bred. The second...Jane Doe...had decided to become the only bunny nun. She had it planned and was going to the convent soon so she tucked her tail and no matter which buck he tried....she retained her prudishness. But after 2 days of almost constant trying...I got a call today stating I was going to be a baby bunny grandma. How did it happen? Well the big agressive buck had tried the hardest. In his cage was a slippery spot on the floor. This time when she tucked her tail her back legs were on the slippery spot and her feet slipped backwards and before she could pull them up....she was bred. She turned around and looked at the smug buck laying on his back on the floor of the cage as if to say...."Hey!"


Faith said...

Congratulations!!!! Praying this goes through for you!

You mean you get to give your daddy a list of stuff and he does it for you? You are a blessed woman!

My dad would help me more if he could, but he's got his hands full with mom and with his own place. He was going to help me with the greenhouse, but I don't think he'll be able to at all. If we absolutely cannot do something, he'd be here, but otherwise not.

I can't help it. I feel sorry for the bunny girl.

Beautiful cedar chest there. It must smell wonderful.

A walk-in pantry would be a piece of Heaven. I just picture a 10 by 10 room with shelves floor to ceiling and in the center too. A place to store the canning supplies as well. As a child my mom and dad had a huge basement under the farmhouse, then as a teen, there was the entire back wall of the milking barn. All mine is on the floor of the spare bedroom.

You are getting so much done. WOOT!

Peggy said...

great news!!! I use my closet in the livingroom for my pantry. Need better shelves but I love having everything right there and able to see it. Congrats on the rabbits!!


Faith dad loves to come out here and work. Sometimes he just sits and feeds Bull vienna sausages. He wishes so bad he could live out here. He would sell his house tomorrow and park a camper out here with glide outs and build a deck on it. but mom wants nothing to do with the country. Dad knows as mom gets worse, he better get out here while he can. He has a small yard and nothing to do in the city.

lol you are funny. I don't feel sorry for her little stink...what did she expect? Me waiting on her hand and paw the rest of her life? That cedar chest is older than me and smells brand new.

Yep my dream too. A huge pantry and a huge bathroom!


Thank you Peggy! I think I will like it too.