Friday, November 26, 2010


Today started early. Farm dog induced insomnia began at 3:45 am. When Bull would not stop barking and growling for over half an hour I knew I had to get up and help him. I saw nothing out there but maybe just having me walking around the yard in my winter robe, flip flops and head lamp was enough to scare off the unseen bugars.

I built up the fire and played on the internet and watched again how to make dehydrated potatos.

I got out the potatos that I had baked and shredded them, placed them on the trays in my dehydrator and plugged it in. Drank a cup of coffee and then got very sleepy and went back to bed around 5:30.

Back up at 7:30am and decided it was too cold outside for anything except feeding animals. I came back in and ate a piece of toast and another cup of coffee and got out my back pack.

I decided to take care of something very important that every person should have with them at all times A bug out bag. I will dedicate a whole post to my BOB at another time. It doesn't contain food or water but has 3 days of clothing, bath supplies, some fire starting stuff and will hold my ICE information, bug out plans which are maps of evacuation routes from my home and from work in case of roadway closures. I will have 3 evac routes for each. It will also hold my wallet and cash and 3 days of non cooked food and water.

When that was done I decided it was warm enough to start painting the shed. I had to at least get the house side painted so that Dad and I could move it tomorrow.

Here is what it looks like. I liked the cedar color better but it needed to be painted because the sides and rear are untreated pine.

I am not done with it yet. It is after all a girl's tool shed. I will wait to "fix it up" until after dad comes over tomorrow. Don't want to give him a heart attack. I have got to be the messiest painter in the world.

Likely last night's frost killed the pepper plants so I will pull all of these off today and can them or freeze them.

The birds are all enjoying the sun. The guineas are going to eat me out of house and home.

These birds are ready for the freezer.

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