Monday, August 3, 2009

Wow I can not believe how much of a disaster my house was. I took a little time away from town this weekend to visit a friend. We drove in the country to a state rec area along a river. This is an area of the river I have never seen before and you can see the bottom and it is not mud but course sand and round smooth rocks.

It was very quiet and there was only a couple of other people within sight. And me with no fishing pole! Never again.

I brought home a bunch of rocks. I want to bring home sand also.

I went back to work today which was a good thing. It kept my mind busy all day. It also gave my co-workers a chance to express sympathy. I really do work with wonderful people.

Tonight I worked on my bedroom. I folded clean clothes for an hour and then hung up until I ran out of hangers. This was the last part of our 2nd mothers day present to my daughter from her kids. They shared their closet with her.

The yard is a mess though from the puppy playing all day. I can't get her to eat though. I think daughter is feeding her table scraps all day. She won't touch dog food unless you stand right next to her or feed her by hand.
Tomorrow I will work on toilets and floors. But first I will clean out the hen house and mow until dark.

Life does go on around you when you are grieving. This has amazed me before.


Faith said...

What a lovely young man. A warm smile.

The rec area must have been beautiful, with that clear water.

Life is surreal at times isn't. I judge that to be because it is not what it was supposed to be, and our spirits know this as we struggle through what never should have been.

We are mowing as well. So much rain and no breaks for mowing, we have to rake up the grass.


Peggy said...

Your nephew was a handsome young man. Think of you often and know your heart is heavy. So glad you are there close to your sister. As usual I get tired just reading all you get done in such short times. Don't work too hard!


Oh faith you pegged it. I don't know how many times I have said that to my sister. Her question is "why does this world suck so bad" and my answer is "because we weren't supposed to be doing this. this is not what we were created for...His plan for us was so much bigger than dieing here.

Peggy and Faith you don't know how much i really appreciate your thoughts.

Faith said...


I say the same thing all the time, too!


We were created to immortal. We instinctively know this, and death is something that is hard to face.

But one day, soon, all will be as it is supposed to be. Won't be long.