Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am so excited. I used my "miles" on my last credit card to get an Amazon.com gift card. This is what I bought!

A rotisserie grill and spit. Next purchase like this will be a fire place coffee pot. Daughter is an amazing fire cook...well an amazing anything cook.

Talking to a co-worker today got me excited about grilling out. I want to find different kinds of wood to see how they taste. I want to stock up on different kinds of spices and grow them too.

He has a komodo oven. High dollar but very cool. I will keep you posted as I begin to experiment with cooking out. This might be fun!


Faith said...

Awesome! Does the rack raise and lower, too?

Great purchase. I bought a firepit last year, sort of for the same purpose. In case the power goes out and I've nothing to cook on, I can at least have a fire and roast things.

Wow, that K oven is something. LOL


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Oh man, that is awesome! I still want a smoker...my FIL makes the best smoked meats.

PS Love the picture of your nephew...such a handsome young man. (((hugs)))

Tara said...

I have one of those! I love it. You will too! :)


It is raining tonight!!!! I couldn't even work on installing it!