Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have not been home long enough to post about anything interesting. Daughter came and took the dog after she tried to play with (maul) one of the hens. Just as with my other dog, I am not here enough to teach her otherwise.

I am not sure if my daughter plans on training her to do anything but I hope she realizes that the dog is pregnant with pit bull puppies.

So I opened the chicken house back up, the front gate now gets locked when I leave for work, and I work from dark to dark. I have no time to do anything here.

My dad said he would come over for a mowing lesson and then he could come over now and then and mow a little or weed eat a little.

I don't know if my garden is still producing or if the fruit trees are dieing in the heat.

Just working working working. All of the emotional tolls I believe are having an effect on my work production. That has got to end.

Although I will be working this weekend, I will take a half of a day and take some pics to post and mow and relax.


Faith said...

Sounds like you are overwhelmed. All the stuff you have to do, and it's the relationships in life that make it all worth while. When those take a hit, we become exhausted.

I've been there many times. (((HUGS)))

How nice that your dad will help you with the mowing and weeds. That's such a huge chore. Not difficult so much, as it just consumes massive amounts of time when other chores need to be done.

I wish the horses ate evenly. Rather like a mower. We need trained animals who mow grass but do not touch the plants we want to keep.

In a perfect world...



lol faith you crack me up but I agree. If only. left the house at 5:40am and got home at 8:20 pm. doing it all again tomorrow. Thank goodness I have a job though.