Saturday, August 29, 2009


It is very cool (ok for Texas) this morning. It is in the high 60's. I posted yesterday that I have been away so long I don't even know if anything is growing in my garden any more.

The answer is yes...barely....but yes. Here is what I harvested this morning.

(in place of a photo....i will post a gripe about blogspot not fixing their photo post button...anyone know what is going on?)

This is about 5-6 pounds of cantelope, and yes these are butternut squash...all of mine this year have been "single serving" sized. Don't know if I accidently bought them that way or what.

Also 2 eggs in the box. Someone....hmmmm....locked the chickens out of the chicken house last night. Not sure where they slept.

Getting ready to check emails, drink a cup of cafe vienna and get ready for work


Faith said...

Yeah, we had so much come up, and such poor luck with the weather that this time I had planned on being so filled with bountiful produce and putting away, is disappointing.

As my dad says, "That's the life of a farmer."



Faith I guess it is "natures" weight control! lol