Monday, August 24, 2009


Being me is an adventure these days. Haven't I said enough about just wanting a peaceful farm..a few chickens....and quiet?

When I pulled in my driveway, attached to the locked gate was a card from a process server. I called and left a voice mail. My name is spelled wrong. I still have no clue who is sueing me or calling me to court.

Also, the dog finally grabbed one of the chickens. Around here that holds a penalty equal to death or banishment. I called my estranged daughter and gave her until tomorrow to find Sara a new home. Or else.

I went to bed at is 10:30 and I am still awake. No wonder?


Faith said...

How odd and unsettling!

I hope it's a mistake and they got the wrong Tracy.

All around me, people who are followers of Christ are feeling the heat turned up; myself included. You are not the only one. And so much of it is unexpected behavior from others, so I think a lot of warfare is going on.

I am praying for you on these things. You've had a lot to deal with lately. (((HUGS)))


Peggy said...

Tracy, everything seems to be hitting you at once. Keep the faith and stay strong... God has many blessings ahead for you. Hugs my friend

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Goodness! Hang in there!


I found out today that it is work related. I am an adjuster so when my company gets sued, they also sue each person who touches the file from the poor call center person to the person who closes the file and everyone in between. Too bad that people feel the need to do that but sometimes it is needed. Lawyers hit hard when they think a company has deep pockets. I called the processor and told him he could serve me at my work tomorrow. He was very nice.