Monday, August 17, 2009


I hate Mondays. But today was interesting. At lunch I answsered an add on Craigslist for free firewood. Picked up about 1/2 a cord...woohooo.

I had loaded up one trailer load and drove it into the back yard and around the hot tub walked my dog (who is in heat) and her Pit Bull Lover. He belongs to a neighbor that I like a lot. So I walked into my room, got the shotgun, came out and pointed the gun at him....and shot....the the left. He tore for the fence but he is way too large to jump and couldn't get through.

Neighbors house is about 100 yds away. After the second shot from about 20 ft the left....I yelled in my meanest loudest voice....."GLEN.....COME GET HIM!" Then I positioned myself so that the next shot would drive him out of the corner he was in and toward the front gate. It worked....I like Glen...that is why his dog is breathing.

So here is the firewood I picked up. I am going to keep watching craigslist.

Here are some cantelopes that are going to be growing and should be ripe in the next week or so.

And a yellow hubbard squash that is orange and this edible?

Then I mowed for about an hour or so. Not a bad night. Now I am playing on Farmville.


Faith said...

I haven't gotten up the nerve to do that to my neighbor's dogs yet. I almost wish I did. LOL

I'd think that squash is edible right now, probably more tender, but you can just wait til it's yellow, I assume. We always had the blue hubbards when I was a kid. I wanted to plant them this year, but the thought of cooking one of those monsters up just for the two of us convinced me to go for smaller types.

What is Farmville?



farmville is a facebook game where you plant harvest buy barns and buildings. it is fun