Monday, August 10, 2009

Army Boy

I picked up my son from the airport. I am so glad he was not in uniform because I was late picking him up and I would have been awarded the worst mom award from those standing around him. His plane landed 26 minutes early!

Daughter and I took him to Chilis to meet his grand parents and Aunt. He showed off his new tattoo.

I helped my sister the day before get rid of a pile of broken bricks from her back yard. I advertised them on criagslist and found a local man who wants them and who will off load them himself if I deliver. I will do that today and then go pick up rabbit poo.

This is perfect timing as I will mix it with the grass clippings that I will rake over the next couple of days. Happiness is seeing your army boy and building a new compost pile!

Back to drinking coffee with my boy.


Faith said...

I'm really, REALLY happy for you!!!!!!




Thank you Faith. I am too.