Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Daughter had a big surprise for me yesterday. She bought 2 large steaks and marinaded them all day and we cooked them out on the fire.

Here is our cooking station. Not too shabby.

I looked up at the horses next door and one looked very pretty. Then we realized it was inside our fence!!

I told her to go shut the gate. He panicked and took off runing with his tail straight up in the air. Silly horse. She shut the gate, made a comment about how much he looked like the horse she loved in high school. His name was Rebel. A man drove by and told us that the owner was on his way from Dallas. He never got there before dark though. I have not stepped outside to see if we still have a horse.
But something odd happened right after that. My ex called to say that the owner of Rebel was giving him away and wanted to know if we wanted him and one other horse! Now you tell me how odd that is....just moments before we were talking about Rebel.

Rebel had been taken away from my daughter against her will. The man who gave him to my ex wanted him back and instead of thinking of my daughter, he just let the horse be taken away.

I found out last night how that has torn my daughter apart. I saw in her eyes how much she wanted this horse. I asked her if she understood how expensive horses are and she said yes and it was going to be her expense. I asked if she had anyone who would put up a fence....she works at a little bar that is frequented by men coming in off of ranches so that was a silly question.

So I guess we are going to be getting horses. I don't think this land is good for horses though. We will see how it works out.


Faith said...

Yummy steak!

I was thinking you had Sweetheart, and that she must be boarded somewhere. Not correct?

Amazing, she might get Rebel back! What a sweet and happy ending that would be. :)



Yes Faith that is correct. I tried bringing her here and she was so sad at being alone. So I took her back.

I told a friend today that horses keep you broke and that maybe our creator uses broke for healing!

granny said...

I hope it all works out for you.Fencing is call on friends.Im wishing you loads of luck :0)

Leslie said...

How exciting for your daughter. Sounds like it was meant to be.