Friday, July 31, 2009

Normal will return

I am sorry I have not posted. My nephews memorial was yesterday. There were 100s of people there. Each one had stories about how either his mom or he had touched their lives.

My sister has been a single mom since he was 3. He died at age 24.

One of the men who was there was his first soccer coach from when he was around 4 yrs old! His band instructor from High School. My sisters co-workers from many years ago. Old bosses.

Nephew's room mates from college, and of course extended family.

He had touched the lives of so many. On March 27, 2002 he accepted Christ. From that point on his faith never waivered, even in the midst of illness. He never pushed his faith on you but loved to talk about it.

His youth paster did the service and almost didn't make it to the end. He had the privilage of becoming his friend after he became an adult.

Today's weather I believe will be a gift from God. It won't be over 86 degrees. Now this is Texas in the summer. This never happens...ever.

She has a very rough road ahead of her. But she knows that her son lived life every day to the very fullest and she wants to do the same because of her. She just doesn't know how at this point.


Faith said...


I sure didn't expect you to be posting for a few days at least. You guys need time to just process these emotions.

I had been thinking your nephew was young. He was obviously touching lives around him, I'm glad he had 24 years to do so.

Knowing Christ, he is now fully healed. You must be missing him terribly. I'm so sorry.

May your hearts find healing from this awful pain. May the Lord make it clear to each of you how to proceed through the pain and glorify Him in your lives as you look forward to being with your nephew once again.




Thank you faith. I am home now. I have been with sis for 5 days. I had to come home and try to get some work done here before going back to work. I will try to go to work tomorrow but am unsure how well I will do.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I just don't know what to say other than you are in my thoughts and prayers. (((hugs)))


Thank you Jennifer. This part of live is pretty horrible.

Ron said...


What an awesome post! I had no idea the impact he had on so many people. Thanks for sharing. Really encourages me.


You know what Ron, I knew he had an impact on anyone he met, just really didn't know the extent.

granny said...

You know Tracy, a normal will return, A new normal...with alot of hope,faith and support.I wish all of these for your sister and you .With kindest regards and quiet thoughts, Granny xx


Granny thank you very much. She is having a hard time wanting anything right now. She is just functioning. She goes back to work on Monday. At first she will work from home. Then she will go in. I believe that will help her a lot.