Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today's Army and war are not really like it used to be. I am blessed to be able to talk to my son in Afghanastan almost any time I want to. All I have to do is send a text and he calls me back on his international cell phone.

Do you know it averages 150 degrees there on any given day? They don't work in the air conditioning over there. How do they survive?

On the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, my grandmother and grandfather sat horrified in front of the radio crying with the rest of our nation. Not just because of the start of a war, but because their son was stationed there. They lived in mourning for almost a month.....then he walked in the door.

My uncle had made his way home as he had been on leave in CA when the attack happended. Can we say Folgers moment? Then I would have taken a 2x4 to him for not finding a phone to call. But this shows you that it wasn't as easy as picking up the phone. I doubt that his mom and dad even had a phone. Not many people in those coal towns did. And rather than write a letter which would have taken just as long as he did to arrive, he hitched home for the rest of his leave.

For now, I will support my boy and the work he does for the US Army.

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