Thursday, July 16, 2009


Last night we built a fire and cooked out burgers and smores. It is very hot still up until dark but it doesn't seem to bother the boys.

We had some left over fire works and shot off some of them last night. It was a good evening. The boys moods were happier than they had been when they first got here. Bed time is hard anyway but I REALLY NEED BUNKBEDS! Big brothers just have to bother little brothers. It seems to be some kind of law or something.

The cicadas are really singing loud. I have not found many shells clinging to the tree trunks but they sing so loud they almost make you deaf. In WV when I was a kid, the cicada didn't start to sing until summer was almost over. Soon it would be time to go back to school.

The sun is coming up now. I am going to be late getting to work because Boo is getting her windows tinted and her bed step installed today.

I will drink coffee and listen to Studmuffin wake the farm.


Peggy said...

you are having way too much fun with those grands. LOL


I know you are too Peggy! I miss your blog. Are you starting a new one???

Peggy said...

click on my name. its a small quiet one.