Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27th; 2:57pm. We lost my nephew today

I am sorry to say that my sister lost her only son today. After a night of severe respritory distress, he was moved back to ICU. He was kept sedated but had had a period of oxygen deprivation which caused him to have neurological damage.

All of his family and friends were called in. You would not believe how many people came and held his hand, kissed him and whispered into his ears.

The time finally came for my sister and her ex husband to make the decision and they did it well and as a team.

I was worried about the crowd that was in his room spilling out into the hall...that maybe my sister would be upset by it or that the ICU staff would be upset. But no one wanted to leave. Later the chaplin let my sister know that daily people die who are either alone or have few people with them. This crowd gave the staff hope that there are families out there who still love each other.

We all prayed together and I held my sister as they stopped his ventilator. If he was completely dependendant on it then his time would be short. It was.

He never fought or acted like he was in pain. His heart slowed and stopped as he was surrounded by the people he loved most of all.

Now his body is not crippled and he is in no more pain. As I have said so many times before, I am so proud of my sister.

She voiced regrets of things she wished she had done different in the past few days. But I told her that her regrets would be few because she was an amazing caregiver, and amazing mother and an amazing woman.

Thank you for your prayers.


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your nephew. I will continue to keep you and your sister and family in my prayers. Sending (((hugs))))

Faith said...

Oh, Tracy! (((((Hugs))))

May he rest now in the arms of the Lord. I am praying for you and your whole family.


granny said...

What a sad day for you and your family.He is at peace now,I pray your sister will find the strength to get through this.Take care,Granny xo

Leslie said...

I am so sorry for your loss, I can not even begin to understand the pain that your sister and the entire family must be experiencing. It is just so sad. I wish you all peace. It sounds like your sister has a tremendous support system and a loving family to hold her up during her time of sorrow.

fischbutt said...

One year agao tomorrow, my son lost the love of his life. Death seems so cruel because we have no idea what waits beyond. Please take care of yourself and your sister. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to contact me.....You are in my thoughts and prayers...fischbutt

Peggy said...

My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and your sis. Hugs my friend


Thank you all very much. we are living on vapors right now. Just trying to get everything taken care of. I will pass your words along to her.