Friday, July 17, 2009


That is right. A cold front came through last night and a huge storm with it. All I remember was a loud crack of thunder right after a bright flash and the sound of two little boys screaming and running down the hall to their momma. They say they like storms as long as momma holds them.

Today it was only 94 and tomorrow it will only be 92! woohhooo!

So today I see the boys had been very busy building a pet shop. For a resonable fee of .50 they will take care of my pet while I am at work.

Here is the exterior of the pet shop.

Here is the insde with the only patron.

And from this sign I believe we find that only boys are allowed.

Daughter had cleaned the house and had the last of the home grown chickens marinating in pineapple marinade.

She cooked her famous butter baked potatos and in the dutch oven is green beans and corn.

We sat by the fire and drank a couple of beers and just listened to the chatter of the grandboys running their pet shop.

I harvested 4 very large cantelopes today. Each weighed about 8 pounds.

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