Friday, July 24, 2009


So daughter and grand boys were playing in the front yard when up walked Sarah Beth (name provided by the youngest grand boy).

Sarah looks like she has been on her own for a while. She is just skin and bones. But she smiles a lot when the boys are in the yard.

SO FAR she hasn't tried to eat any farm animals. She wants to make friends with the kitties. For some reason they don't feel the same.

Another thing that happened a lot of you know I listen to and have been trying to get into a better financial position. I am not ready to make any huge investments but I believe that gold and silver are good investments. They are also something I can invest in slowly. So I will purchase silver through Tea Party Silver (really nice people).

Here is my first of many purchases.

Also God set up the best way to manage your money. The 80/10/10 method. Financial advisors use this now. I am investing in my own future. I have not been giving like I should but will give the same amount I invest.

***on a bad note....spoke to my mortgage company today. They told me they were raising my house payment $100/month! I homesteaded my land which lowered my taxes lower than last year. My insurance only went up $40/year. Ok taxes are only went up $40....yet they are still raising my house payment $700/year!!!!! I asked to have a manager email me and do you think they actually did? Of course not. I hope none of you have B of A!!!

I believe I need to heavily work on paying off my house first.

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