Thursday, July 9, 2009


I could not post this yesterday. Bad storms in the area. I was stormed on all the way home until I got to Rockwall, TX. Then the sun broke out of the clouds and there were several dual sets of rainbows at different places across the sky against the retreating black clouds.

They were low bows ....not normal at all....they were very wide and low to the ground. I have never seen anything like them.

I was getting very close to one...I could see it's color against the tree line I was getting ready to drive past when all of a sudden it happened!!!

I drove through a rainbow! My white truck outside and inside was suddenly bright green, yellow and red! so were the 3 cars driving close to me. You could see the awe on the faces of the other drivers as we slowed to enjoy the experience. This lasted about 2 minutes but it is 2 minute of something I may never get to do again.

(too bad I didn't see the pot o gold)

PS....I asked my daughter to move her old vehicle out of the driveway so it wouldn't take up any more room. She called me at work...she had clipped the guy wire to the power pole and knocked the power out to the house.

I called FEC...they said they would send someone out.

next call from daughter..."Why would the power truck pull in the drive and turn around and leave without fixing the power?"

to FEC..."? a woman who anwered the phone...she said she would give me the repair foreman...who answered the phone angry....I asked him the question....well maybe it is because they are trying to get the power back on the other 19 people that your daughter knocked the power out gotta admit....when she does it .....she does it big! That's my girl.

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Faith said...

Amazing!!!! Too bad no pics!


Uh-OH!!! LOL Well, glad nothing serious happened with the accident.